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How does the process work?
When you are ready please contact us and we will have an initial chat on the phone to better understand your requirements. We will be totally upfront and if we think you dont need our services we will say so. If there is benefit to you to use our services then we will walk you through the process.
We provide a full online service or we can also do phone or video calls. 
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What are the benefits?
We have access to the whole of the market which means that we have access to all the major lenders and a lot of the more specialist lenders. Due to the size of the mortgage network we are with we also have significant buying power with the lenders so we get access to the general mortgage brokers and also exclusive deals only available to our mortgage network. These are not available to the general public.
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What do I need to have ready for our meeting?
Before we have a meeting we will have a chat over the phone to better understand your requirements. At that point if you are happy to discuss further over a meeting we will let you know what documentation to bring along to the meeting.
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What happens if I am not sure I can get a mortgage as I dont want to waste your time?
We would rather you contact us and ask as many questions as you want. We are here to help you even if you then decide that now is not the right time to get a mortgage.
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Is my data safe? Are you registered with the FCA?
We will always ensure the products we recommend are suitable for you, based on the information you share with us. This personal information is held securely on our system, and we comply with all requirements under the General Data Protection Regulations introduced in May 2018.When we advise you on regulated products you have the protection of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).
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What happens after the initial meeting?
We will send you a login to our secure online portal which you can use to capture any extra information not available at the initial meeting. We will use this information to find the right product for you. We will then have another meeting where we present this alongside any protection products we believe are relevant to you. If you are happy with the information we would move onto the application process
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Do I need a mortgage offer before I start looking for a property?
No as you only get an offer on a specific property. However, it is wise to get an Agreement In Principle (AIP) from a lender which indicates the amount of mortgage you could get. This is not a guarantee you will get a mortgage though. Estate agents do often ask if you have an AIP (or sometimes called a Decision in Principle (DIP) when viewing properties.                               
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How long does a mortgage take?
Each lender is different and can take more or less time than others. However usually the longest single task is to get all the information from yourself. So the quicker you can get all the paperwork together the quicker we can get the mortgage process started.
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How do I get my SA302 Tax Summary and Tax Year Overview
If you are self employed or receive income other than your salary such as rental income then the lenders will ask for your SA302 Tax Summary document and your Tax Year Overview document. 
If someone does your tax returns you can ask them for the documents.
Otherwise follow this guide to getting your SA302 Tax Summary and Tax Year Overview document
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How much can I borrow?
An easy way to get an indication as to how much you can borrow is to use a mortgage calculator.
Each lender has different criteria but below are two useful calculators. 
  • For a simple calculator click here.
  • For a more detailed and accurate calculator click here
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How do I know you are genuine?
A great question and one that everyone should ask. 
To check that you are dealing with a genuine company and person go the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) website. Here is a link but I would always recommend you search for the FCA register yourself in a web browser so that you know you have not been sent to a fake page. 
Click 'Search the Register' and type in the name of the company 'Compton Financial Services'  and we are listed under the registration number 845577.